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Carlisle Reservation/Hale Road - Sold Out

The Carlisle Reservation mitigation sites (Carlise Reservation and Carlisle Reservation-Hale Road) are located in Lorain County, Ohio, within the boundaries of the metropolitan park of the same name.  The mitigation wetlands comprise over 85 acres of forested, scrub-shrub and interspersed emergent and wet meadow habitats.  Lorain County Metropolitan Park District will integrate the wetlands into Carlisle Reservation, a 1,500 acre park which includes seven miles of trails, a nature center, an equestrian center and a variety of specialty facilities.  The restored wetlands will be used for environmental education, facilitated by interpretive programs and features.  All restored wetlands will be category 2 and 3 wetlands, managed and maintained as wetlands in perpetuity.  The Carlisle Reservation and Carlisle Reservation-Hale Road mitigation sites have met all of their performance goals.

All credits for these sites are sold out.


Carlisle Reservation | Hale Road | Lorain County, Ohio

Hale Forest