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Wetland Mitigation  

Chippewa North

The Chippewa North mitigation site is located in Medina County, Ohio, on 600 acres of land acquired by the Medina County Park District for park land and habitat restoration. The mitigation wetland will be approximately 54 acres and will include emergent herbaceous (26 acres), wet meadow (19 acres) and scrub-shrub (9 acres) habitats. Medina County Park District will manage the restored and wetlands as park lands, used for environmental education with featured wetland viewing areas along hiking trails within the park. All restored wetlands will be category 2 and 3 wetlands, managed and maintained as wetlands in perpetuity.

Subject to the approval of the regulatory agencies, this site is an appropriate location for mitigation for wetland impacts to category 2 or 3 wetlands in the same (HUC #05040001, Tuscarawas River ) or adjacent watersheds (HUC #05040003, Kokosing River-Killbuck Cr., HUC #05040004, Muskingum River, HUC #05040005, Wills Creek) and for impacts to category 1 wetlands and for impacts to 3 acres or less of category 2 isolated wetlands anywhere within the boundaries of the Huntington District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

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Chippewa North | Medina County, Ohio