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Edison Woods Preserve

The Edison Woods Preserve mitigation site is located in Erie County, Ohio. The site is contained within the larger Edison Woods Preserve, which encompasses over 1300 acres of forest, wetland, and prairie habitats. The wetland mitigation will restore approximately 140 acres of wetland forest within the ±280 acre mitigation site area.

The Edison Woods Preserve mitigation wetlands will be bordered by parklands on all sides that will be maintained as buffer. All restored wetlands will be category 2 or 3 forested wetlands and managed and maintained as wetlands in perpetuity. While the Preserve will continue to be used as public parkland, providing recreational and educational benefits for the surrounding communities, the primary focus of Erie MetroParks is the preservation of its unique habitat and continued study of its flora and fauna. Working with extensive public input, the park district’s plans for Edison Woods Preserve include: existing and improved hiking and equestrian trails, bird and wildlife observation areas in wetlands and grasslands, regular public and school programs, wetland and meadow education centers, and interpretive features and hikes.

Subject to the approval of the regulatory agencies, this site is an appropriate location for mitigation for wetlands impacts to category 2 or 3 wetlands in the same (HUC #04100012, Huron-Vermilion River) or adjacent watersheds (HUC #04100011, Sandusky River and HUC #04110001, Black-Rocky River), and for impacts to category 1 wetlands and for impacts to 3 acres or less of category 2 isolated wetlands anywhere within the boundaries of the Buffalo District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

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Edison Woods Preserve | Erie County, Ohio

Edison Woods Preserve Wetlands Edison Woods Preserve Mitigation Site Edison Woods Preserve | Erie County, Ohio