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is a collaboration of the North Coast Regional Council of Park Districts and its environmental consultant, Envirotech Consultants, Inc. The Ohio metropolitan park districts constituting NCRCPD are: Sandusky County Park District, Erie MetroParks, Lorain County Metropolitan Park District, Medina County Park District, and Wood County Park District.

These environmental professionals are committed to the preservation of critical habitat, and the enhancement and restoration of diverse aquatic habitat, including emergent, open water, scrub-shrub, wet meadow and forested wetlands, streams and riparian corridors. Through recreational, educational, and scientific opportunities presented by the mitigation sites integrated into each park district, the public can participate in wetland habitat protection.


Columbia Station Reserve | Lorain County, Ohio


Wet Prairie Indian Hollow

north coast ILF program

The NCRCPD In-Lieu Fee Program is approved in the following watersheds:

Maumee River (HUC 04100009);
Portage River and Lake Erie Tributaries (HUC 04100010);
Sandusky River and Sandusky Bay Tributaries (HUC 04100011);
Huron River and Vermilion River (HUC 04100012);
Black River and Rocky River (HUC 04110001)
Tuscarawas River (HUC 05040001)

for the North Coast In-Lieu Fee Program on advance credit requests, reservation of credits and credit purchases

for wetland and stream credits

to reserve advance credits

(Application in Microsoft Word)

Mitigation Bank Credits

Apply for Mitigation Credits:

Complete and return the Mitigation Agreement to reserve wetland mitigation pending issuance of Clean Water Act permits.

Download Agreement


Femail Blue Dasher
Female Blue Dasher photographed by Dana Campbell at Charlemont Reservation, Lorain County, Ohio

Mole Salamander