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The Mowery Wetland Mitigation Bank is located in Lorain County, Ohio approximately 2.5 miles northeast of Oberlin in Russia Township north of Butternut Ridge Road and west of the old Conrail RR bed (now part of the wide tree-lined North Coast Inland Trail corridor). The wetland mitigation site is owned by Lorain County Metropolitan Park District. Wetland mitigation on the 45.3 acre agricultural parcel will include approximately 33.5 acres of emergent and forested wetlands that will become part of an existing 235 acre upland forested-wetland complex. The ±137 acre parcel is located on nearly flat ground with very shallow open and closed depressions, natural and manmade, with some wetlands, within the apparent headwater boundaries of two modified [deepened and straightened] tributary systems.

The Mowery Wetland Mitigation Bank site is within the headwater areas of Squires Lateral located in the south end of the site and Squires Schramm Ditch located at the north end of the site, part of the Black/Rocky River USGS Hydrologic Unit (HUC) #04110001. For impacts to jurisdictional wetlands, the geographic service area includes the entire HUC #04110001 (Black/Rocky River) in which the mitigation banking site is located. In accordance with the Ohio Revised Code, compensatory mitigation for impacts to Category 1 isolated wetlands or 0.5 acres or less of Category 2 isolated wetlands permitted under a level one review may be located at any mitigation bank within the Ohio portion of the regulatory boundaries of the Buffalo Corps District, including the Mowery Wetland Mitigation Bank.

Restoration at this site will add significant natural habitat to the local landscape and improve the quality and sustainability of biodiversity in adjacent wetlands and terrestrial habitats located on LCMP public land and land located within three headwater sub-watersheds. The overall ecosystem including the new restoration and existing nearby forest areas would comprise nearly 300 acres of contiguous wildlife habitat and should be considered an important regional natural resource. Wetland restoration will include herbaceous and woody communities and range of hydropatterns conforming to the landscape and similar to existing local wetlands that support a variety of plants and wildlife. The neighboring mature forested upland-wetland complexes include ±30 acres of forested wetlands. Collectively, these areas include vernal pools with the capacity to support amphibian populations as well as habitat for a wide variety of other wildlife.

Credits are currently pending at Mowery.


Mowery Wetland


Mowery Wetland